So 200 acres of land on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula isn’t big in farming terms. But the  contribution that 200 acres could make to community and environment now and for future generations is beyond huge!

At a time when global food systems no longer support us, and our precious land is crying out for care and rejuvenation, we think we need to look for new ways of doing things. Of dreaming. Of being uncommon.

So here’s our dream.

To create a place where multiple micro businesses can cofunction; from market gardeners, graziers to beekeepers and other artisan producers. A place where a diverse group of people work alongside each other in a collective arrangement to produce food and build a local food system in a supportive environment. A place where small-scale businesses and emerging farmers who would otherwise struggle with access to land are given the opportunity and freedom to innovate and experiment in sustainable, regenerative farming practices.

Where everyone can belong regardless of circumstance, bring their ideas and dreams and become a part of something that’s bigger than any individuals involvement.

We think this is a pretty good dream to have. And thankfully others do to, with The Farm fast becoming a living demonstration of best practice regenerative farming and a carbon drawdown farming system. Importantly it is becoming a place for community.

We’ve got a long way to go, but that’s half the fun. To try new ideas. To fail. To try again. To see those ideas grow.

And to do it together.

The Farm is just the start

We want what we’re doing at The Farm to stretch well beyond our land. A new way of thinking that is influential and powerful enough to challenge current food and farming systems. A way that energises and expands the regenerative movement ensuring a fairer world for all and respect for our planet.

The time has come for less words and more actions in order to:

  • reimagine how we create and distribute local food systems
  • explore alternative forms of ownership that harnesses empowerment and equality
  • advocate for the rights of nature so that we can truly move forward sustainably
  • rethink capitalism for the good of all.

This won’t be easy but nothing worth fighting for is.

It’s why we’re sharing our learnings – all the successes and glorious failures – to inspire other landowners, farmers and change-makers to combine their dreams and talents to forge fresh directions and ventures in regenerative farming practices

For the benefit of our planet and people today. And for future generations.