OUR Purpose

Our work is to drive positive environmental and social change in the world.

What does a 10-year old girl on a swing have to do with our purpose? Everything.

A 10-year old girl is a symbol of hope. Of the potential for our current and future generations to change the world for the better. To create a fairer and more equitable place where opportunities and resources are more evenly shared. Where humanity can live sustainably on earth and not at the expense of other creatures and the planet at large.

But no one can make these enormous changes alone. We all need to work together to seek new answers, to shift behaviours and habits, and to create long-lasting positive impacts for our children and the children of tomorrow.

This is our hope. This is our purpose.

Theory of change

If we commit to pursuing social and environmental change

By providing education, resources and an alternative example of how to use and share assets

It will lead to a reversal of the impact of climate change and a more fair, just and connected society

And ultimately, a world where humans live sustainably in harmony with the natural world and with one another.

Our values

Our values are not words that sound nice and sit idly in the corner. They are a living and breathing example of what we believe is important. Of what we stand for.

Assume good intent

We start every relationship with an open mind and shared spirit of good intention. This allows us to lead with love and move with the speed of trust to get things done. In this way we can try, fail, learn and create positive change together.

Embrace cathedral thinking

Every action we take today shapes our tomorrow and has lasting consequences. Every voice is important. It’s why we must implement innovative and long-term vision to ensure all decisions consider the wellbeing of multiple future generations who have no voice. For this to happen, no idea is a bad idea. We must also respect and learn from the heard and unheard voices that have shaped our past so that we can positively impact our future.

Pursue lifelong learning

We will never stop learning new ways of thinking and doing, and always challenge ourselves to be better. Our growth mindset will ensure we continually build knowledge, develop new skills and share our learnings.

Challenge the status quo

To test the unproven and challenge the unchallenged, we must be prepared to face the discomfort of unpopular opinion and have the courage to speak our values. We will do this with deep humility and respect and never judge or ignore other peoples' point of view.

Act with honesty and kindness

We are honest with our strengths and limitations and are not distracted by our own egos. This frees us up to be the best versions of ourselves, creating an environment where we all work together with warmth and purpose.

Stand in other peoples' shoes

We are forever curious, and by having empathy for one another we can gain a better understanding of another person’s perspective. We must lead by example in fighting for diversity and a world where equality is commonplace.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the United Nations Member States adopted a set of 17 goals as part of their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Think of it as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are far-reaching addressing many of the issues that drive us at Uncommon Folk – ending poverty, improving education, reducing inequality, and tackling climate change.

We are united with others to do better, and are inspired by these SDGs to keep looking for new ways of thinking and rattling the cage of change when required.