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We love sharing our many initiatives and collaborations that are driving social and environmental change in the world.

Working with Landcare

Splitters creek runs for 2.6 km right through the heart of our farm. You could think of it as our lifeline. It’s an important waterway for the local area flowing through to Main Creek, and eventually into Bass Strait at Bushranger’s Bay. We care deeply for this space and want to make sure we preserve, repair and restore it to as close to its original state and function as possible.

We invited Greg Holland and Chantal Morton from Landcare to walk along the creek and explore the area to share their expertise and help restore this essential natural system. Regenerating the creek will help nourish the entire ecosystem and provide important habitat for native plants and animals. Our actions will not bring about change overnight, but in time will improve water quality and availability, increase environmental biodiversity, strengthen the resilience of the land and reduce the impacts of climate change. We’ll plant reeds, rushes, trees and shrubs to reinvigorate the floodplain and raise the water levels in a manageable way.

We eagerly await the plan to give structure to the planting required to restore the creek. Although there is a nice strong flow at segments, we dream of a time when water rapidly flows across the bottom of the farm surrounded by the song of many species of frogs and birds who claim the area as home. When the river reeds blow in the breeze and the existing plant life is densely surrounded by indigenous plants that overrun the weeds and resemble the natural landscape as it once was.

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Agricola breaks new ground

On May 25 we officially launched Agricola, the new name for the collective of farmers sharing the land and resources at The Farm on Main Ridge in the Mornington Peninsula.

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The next gen change-makers

Our Uncommon Folk Farm was thrilled to host the Student Environmental Leadership Summit 2023, presented by Mornington Peninsula Shire and CERES.

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Our impact in 2021/22

We’re a big believer that actions speak louder than words. So given that we talk a lot about the impact we want to achieve, we better back it up with some measurable outcomes. And put it out there for all to see.

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