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We love sharing our many initiatives and collaborations that are driving social and environmental change in the world.

Agricola breaks new ground

On May 25 we officially launched Agricola, the new name for the collective of farmers sharing the land and resources at The Farm on Main Ridge in the Mornington Peninsula.

Over 150 people joined us to celebrate this significant milestone, a key step in the Uncommon Folk vision to create a place where burgeoning farmers can come together to share land, resources, skills, and passions in creating a secure and vibrant local food system.

Two years in the making, Agricola will also aim to be a working model for other landowners and farmers in how to collaborate together to regenerate land and create sustainable businesses for the benefit of local economies and communities.

With plenty of work to do (and much trial and error to come), the farmers of Agricola are looking forward to getting their hands dirty experimenting and furthering regenerative farming practices and creating a blueprint that can be applied on farmland throughout Australia.

Agricola has the potential to bring about the change that society really needs. The potential:
• To connect landowners with farmers, turning green wedges into vibrant
and productive food sources
• To connect farmers with their customers
• For customers to understand where the food is coming from and what it takes to
produce that food.
• To create employment opportunities for young farmers, career changes or existing
farmers who want to expand on their businesses
• To contribute to building on Agroecology principles to create sustainable local
food systems
• To contribute to food security which is increasingly under threat with the
challenges of climate change

With Uncommon Folk all about sharing, regenerating and bringing communities together, Agricola sits at the heart of our work and purpose.

For more information on Agricola and to meet the farmers click here.

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